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Down With Blinking Lights [The Anti-Cybergoth Act]
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Tired of all those blinking lights... glowsticks... neon clown face painted idiots, that have made their way into previously decent goth clubs & infected our subculture like a deadly ultra violet plague?

Sickened by the redundant sounds of new Apop songs, VNV Nation, and trance... repeated continually by the brainwashed DJs over & over in a desperate attempt to refrain from glowstick-filled riots?
lather, rinse, repeat...

Enraged by the neglect of amazing artists that you want to hear, instead of the repetitious sounds of distorted kick drums and liquified synthetic bullshit?

~we all are...

This community is for those of you who are sick of all these new trance-trendy-bubblegum graver/ cybergoth kids *le vomit* who have diseased most of the only decent clubs left in the goth scene, and who want to make an effort in replenishing the style, music, and dark subculture we all love & miss.

~together, we can make a difference...