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come hither...come hither...

We're back. Its time to play a hand or two....
The new Thatch Noir e.p. "Visions Collide" is about to go to mastering and so i've come over all benevolent and i'm gonna fling you a morsel for free. Anyone familiar with the Werner Herzog film 'Aguirre-the wrath of god' or anyone who has lamented the mass psychology of facism and its ability to delude us into futile conquest will find something to nod vigourously to in 'The Winding River' a track we recorded just after coming off tour last year and features the guys i assembled as 'the wizbang children' recording the most vibrant and raw sound we've yet captured in the studio. It was recorded quickly and with little pre-production so whilst it lacks the polish of my earlier work on 'Dirge and Serenade' it has a crackle that those perfromances lacked in their symmetrical splendour. Click here to join the expedition...
<a href= target="_blank">The Winding River</a>

Also featuring the wizbang kids is a bootleg recording of our flagship trip 'cat in a box'  taken from a home movie of the bands gig in newcastle. The lineup that backed me on the tour was assembled about a month before the tour began and there was little time to polish nuances so the reworked versions took on a whole new form and rocked with a more swaggering demeanour. Click here to check out the contrast and stay tuned for more bootleg action soon...
<a href= target="_blank">Cat in a Box (rock version live bootleg)</a>

And finally we present an insight into the creative process as it sometimes flowers as if out of nowhere. This is a digital camera sound recording of a spontaneous jam between guitarist Brian Matthews and myself. It was an unplanned,unfettered eruption and 100% improvised spontanaeity that really showcased how ones mindstate can be perfectly alchemically transmuted into vibrations by bemused minstrels channelling something vital in their shattered rooms.The mindstate in this instance reflects with an alarming clarity the rippling waves of a sleep deprived psyche. Click here for a cosmic voyage..
<a href= target="_blank">Flanger at the gates of Dawn</a>

And for those who are late to the party,dont linger by the punch a second longer,get up to speed with the story so far at
<a href=  target="_blank">Tone to Tone</a>
<a href= target="_blank">Awake (and..)</a>
<a href= target="_blank">Cat in a  Box</a>

ALL THESE TRACKS PLUS MORE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD AT   I sincerely hope they bring some inspiration your way.

Stay tu8ned for more plundering of the vaults and if your curiosity is piqued then write to me for a copy of 'THE PINK CREAM TROTSKY ASSORTMENT" featuring a collection of unreleased Thatch Noir stuff from my earliest demos,the dirge sessions and various bedroom recordings,also available are thatch noir t shirts that will have you positively dripping in sartorial splendour and soon to be unleashed the official  new ep. 
Join the Scattered Crusade...



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